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The Rock County Ag Society met on December 1, 2020 for their Annual Meeting in the Rock County High School Library. Directors Glen May and Wade Hollenbeck submitted their resignations.

Glen May has served for 20 years fulfilling a variety of roles, most recently serving as President since 2016. “It has been a fun time and a great pleasure being on the board trying new events to make the fair enjoyable for all ages,” May stated. May was involved in all aspects of fair, enjoying working as Beef Superintendent and bringing in his skills and personal equipment to repair and ready the grounds for the community.

Wade Hollenbeck has served for 14 years, also in a variety of capacities. He held several offices and was lead for the 4-H and Open Horse Shows, as well as being an all-around, ever present jack of all trades, no job to dirty volunteer. Hollenbeck always enjoyed the youth part of fair and watching their big smiles as he would hand out their ribbons and prizes. “I feel strongly about everyone serving their community and I was glad I had the opportunity to do so on the Ag Society.” Their dedication, knowledge, and commitment to the Rock County Fair will be sorely missed.

Becca Kroll was elected as a new director to the Ag Society and will serve a two-year term. When asked about her reasons for choosing to serve, Kroll wrote, “I'm hoping to bring fresh and new ideas to the Ag Society to help get people more involved in the fair and other activities put on by the Ag Society. I chose to be a director because my family and I moved back to this amazing community and this is a way I can give back and help keep it such a great little town to raise our kids in.”

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